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I left bananas in my car

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Cute cat mini ring from lovisa

Cute cat mini ring from lovisa

Anyone have this path business?

Anyone have this path business?


i need an interesting person to unexpectedly come into my life

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I’m a body positive blog. Follow my blog for inspirational/motivational photos and foodp0rn + lots of recipes. :)


I’m a body positive blog. Follow my blog for inspirational/motivational photos and foodp0rn + lots of recipes. :)

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I need focus and goals and I need to have a happy life. 

So in no particular order life for the next 1001 days

1. Move back to England

2. Go camping

3. Go to a festival (Reading)

4. See Scroobius Pip again

5. Buy a 100mm lens for my camera

6. Complete my studies

7. Get a job in my desired field

8. Attend a movie premier

9. Get my license

10. Unplug from phone/internet/tv for a weekend

11. Get out my big camera and take nice photos once a fortnight

12. Don’t get a haircut the whole 1001 days

13. Have a green smoothie everyday

14. Practise yoga 3 times a week

15. Keep a journal

16. Meet 5 new people

17. Travel to Prague

18. Travel to Morocco

19. Travel to the Canary Islands

20. Travel to Ibiza

21. Go Hiking in The Lakes District

22. Go to Germany for the Christmas Markets

23. Teach Lily basic Italian

24. Record a whole song on the ukulele 

25. Play ukulele and sing in front of someone.

26. Go to Karaoke with friends

27. Go Geo-Caching

28. Knit a whole something

29. Learn to play the cello

30. No eat take-out for a month

31. Finish my tattoo sleeve

32. Get tattooed by Kim Ahn

33. Get my tongue pierced

34. Get my belly button pierced

35. Wear my fatkini in public

36. Finish a damn Pokemon game

37.  Complete a 30 day photo challenge

38. Have fancy nice pictures taken of myself

39. Not pick at my pimples 

40. Get a professional massage with no happy ending

41. Get a gym membership

42. Try a Les Mills group class

43. Be active with Lily everyday

44. Lose 30kgs

45. Go to glow gold in Amsterdam

46. Save £200 a month

47. Learn to budget

48. Watch 26 movies that I have no seen all starting with a different letter

49. See Of Monsters and Men again

48. Start a savings account for Lily

49. Try 5 new foods

50. Learn to make sushi and inari

51. Go to Paris for a weekend

52. Climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower

53. Buy a pink vintage bike

54. Ride new bike 

55. Buy myself an opal ring

56. Go Ice Skating at Winter Wonderland

57. Get a Christmas jumper

58. Start a Christmas tradition

59. Skip a stone properly

60. Volunteer for a thing

61. Have my fortune told (bonus points if they are a carny)

62. Go to London Eye for New Years Eve

63. Take Lily back to Euro Disney

64. Have a herb garden that doesn’t die

65. Be in the Jeremy Kyle audience

66. Take a dance class

67. Run a mile

68. Run a 5k

69. Make my own cider

70. Force friends to drink my home make cider

71. Graffiti in the tunnel at Southbank, London

72. Go on the London Eye

73. Visit 5 art exhibitions

74. Go to a vegan cooking class

75. Minimise my wardrobe

76. By a car

77. Complete a month of no spending (not including bills/rent/food)

78. Go on a wine tour

79. Go Snowboarding

80. Find the perfect pillow

81. Wear a sombrero for a whole day

82. Lay on a beach and drink cocktails all day

83. Go see a West End play

84. Go see Stone Henge

85. Stay at a hotel with a spa bath

86. Buy myself flower and arrange them myself

87. Meditate to become more patient

88. See the Northern Lights

89. Learn to identify every European country on a map

90. Go to another coffeeshop in Amsterdam

91. Eat waffles

92. Go on a picnic to new park every month with Lily

93. Feed a red panda

94. Organise my my folders and storage on my computer and externals

95. Join a D&D game and not make fun of it

96. Buy a something from Notting Hill Market

98. Go on a holiday with friends

99. See the sunrise and set on the same day

100. Question myself why am I doing this list

101. Complete everything on the list



I’m so bored.

I’m so bored.

Rewriting this while drunk is not a good idea. It's quite boring to be honest.



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